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Everlast Power Equipment Inc.

Since we were founded in 2004 in San Francisco, California and began operations as a small e-based generator and welder company, Everlast Power Products Inc. has evolved into a multi-national company with distributorships in many countries.
As our familiar Everlast green color is rapidly showing up in many home garages, welding shops, and worksites throughout the United States and Canada, the recognition of Everlast as a house hold name in welding equipment is certain. While the Everlast name isn't as old as some of the biggest names in the welding industry, we took a huge step forward in 2008 toward being competitive in price, product performance, quality, and service when we began to work on the release of the first generation of "Power" series IGBT platform inverter welders and plasma cutters. From almost the beginning of our company, the common element we incorporated throughout all of the Everlast product line is a practical approach to product functionality. We take into consideration the operation of the unit from the user's (customer's) point of view first, and then turn the design process over to the engineers to meet the performance demands of the industry. We feel that our forward thinking approach to product design stands in contrast to some of our competitors that use engineers to design and build a product first, and afterwards try to force-fit the product to the your needs.

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